High 5 Games has ‘spin-creased’ its games portfolio with the inclusion of Fort of Fortune


Out now


Aid the king and his troops in preparing for an approaching battle to defend his kingdom and win the rewards for loyalty to the realm.


This 3×5 slot includes Tumbling Reels, as well as Double, Triple, and, introducing, Quadruple Split Symbols, which increases the possibility of more symbols on a standard payline.

High 5 Game’s Spin-crease feature is stated to provide players with the chance to win big as they unlock upgraded Double, Triple, and Quadruple Split Symbols. 

Players will undoubtedly enjoy the Spin-crease feature which increases their chances of hitting bigger wins when they unlock upgraded Split Symbols. They can score more symbols on a payline when they upgrade all symbols to Quadruple Split Symbols. 




97 per cent


Jerry Wilson, VP of creative at High 5 Games, said: “Branching out with this whimsical art style, we sought to create a world of mystic kingdoms and dragons, with a light-hearted take on a kingdom under siege by this mythical beast.”

Phil Welty, head of game design at High 5 Games, added: “Fort of Fortune takes the Spin-crease feature to the next level. As players play the game they unlock increasingly valuable split symbols, progressing from double to triple and eventually quadruple symbols. 

“Just as in past Spin-crease games, the player’s progress is permanent, helping to drive long term engagement, but this version of the feature offers greater symbols to unlock than any we’ve previously released. 

“We believe this game has the potential to develop an even larger and more dedicated fanbase than our previous Spin-crease hit, Triple Double Da Vinci Diamonds.”