Mobile gaming has seen a surge of 19% compared to the previous 12 months as the quality of online slots continues to improve, according to BGaming’s Q1 2021 corporate report.

Most notably, on the mobile gaming front, BGaming cited statistics that exemplified a rise in mobile devices, although igaming providers strive to ensure a user-friendly experience across all devices.

The company also noted that the quality of online slots for smartphones increased as fast as its desktop versions, as providers are looking for ‘innovative solutions’ to take mobile gambling to ‘the next level of entertainment’. 

“In comparison to the past year, it showed a 19% rise,” explained Marina Ostrovtsova, director for BGaming. “Today more than 94% of the BGaming’s audience choose to play on mobile devices.”

Moreover, it was noted that providers are developing more games for womens, with the demographic set to play online slots as often as men in the near future, with the share of the female audience reaching 30.8% by the end of 2020 and standing at almost 39.9% today.

In addition, BGaming identified an ‘intriguing trend’ that demonstrated that more and more people choose online casino games primarily for entertainment.

Bogdan Gres, brand manager for BGaming, commented “This shows that many providers offer engaging games with not only good math but also with attractive themes of the games, which means high-quality design, music, and interactive elements to gift genuine impressions to players.”

According to the poll, conducted among casino players in Q1 2021, BGaming uncovered that around 10% of players arrive at online gambling from online video games, due to the ‘gradually blurring’ line between gambling and gaming.

Looking to the future, the provider noted that this presents ‘opportunities for new ways of collaboration’ and hypothesised that the industry might see ‘promising corporations that will influence both spheres of entertainment’.